Sağlam Family has released Sağlam Panel, an innovative product that attracts attention with a long R&D process and subsequent facility investment, from the production line. This advanced technology sandwich panel product, which emerged as a result of 2 years of intensive work, made an assertive entrance into the sector with its high quality and performance.

Sağlam Panel is a candidate to offer unique solutions in industrial and commercial projects. This product, which stands out with its superior features in the fields of insulation, durability, and energy efficiency, has a wide usage area that can meet customer demands.

During the R&D process, engineers and expert teams aimed to meet the needs of the sector by using the latest technology and material innovations. Sağlam Panel keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with its quality-oriented approach.

This important step of the Sağlam Family strengthened its leadership in the sector and was an indication that it will undertake more innovative projects in the future. Following the successful launch of Sağlam Panel, the product is expected to reach large audiences and step into new markets.