Reliable and Innovative Sandwich Panel Solutions

Who is Sağlam Panel?

Sağlam Panel, entering the sandwich panel manufacturing sector with years of market expertise and experience, commenced its operations in Sakarya with the aim of meeting market needs, tracking industry developments, and generating professional solutions.
Founded on the mission of providing its customers with high-quality products, Sağlam Panel embarked on its journey into the industry with an ethos of innovation and excellence. The production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling the manufacture of panels to high standards. Consequently, the company can offer its customers reliable and premium-quality products.


As Sağlam Panel, we aim to be a leading brand in the construction industry. With our innovative approach, we want to be a pioneer in the industry by offering quality and durable sandwich panel solutions to our customers. With an approach focused on sustainability and customer satisfaction, we want to shape the building materials of the future and add value to the sector.


Our mission is to meet our customers' needs by providing reliable and innovative sandwich panel solutions in their construction projects. We aim to be a leading brand in the construction industry by producing with a perfectionist approach, without compromising quality standards. We aim to increase the durability and energy efficiency of buildings by offering solutions that will provide our customers with a competitive advantage.