The Sağlam family, which has successfully operated in the panel industry for many years and has extensive experience, has implemented a modern facility with a closed area of 10,000 m2. This facility incorporates the latest technology sandwich panel production line, allowing the production of innovative products that will bring a new breath to the industry.

This facility, which was realized with the investment of the Sağlam family, was designed in accordance with the industrial needs of the future. Sandwich panels, which have high-quality standards, attract attention with their durability and insulation properties.

The main purpose of the investment is the development of innovative products aiming at customer satisfaction and adding value to the sector. The research and development team constantly follows new materials and technologies and continues its work to offer leading and competitive solutions to customers.

With this investment, the Sağlam family reinforces its leadership in the sector and also contributes to employment. It aims to contribute to economic growth by offering new employment opportunities to the workforce in the region.

This facility, which has the mission of adapting to developing technology and changing needs, offers a promising vision for the future. It is hoped that this initiative, supported by the Sağlam family with determination, will turn into a great success with its trust in the sector and its quality-oriented approach.